About us

The Owner + Three Transcribers


Since I founded Expedited Transcripts in 2016, the company grew to the point where I could support myself, but did not leave much room to hire transcribers. This changed in May 2018 when I started a full-time office job outside of Expedited Transcripts. By shifting the company to supplemental income, I've been able to hire three experienced transcribers to handle our transcripts without taking too much money out of my own pocket.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or text (813) 493-0669 or email chris@expeditedtranscripts.com.

Why small teams benefit customers

More accountability

Whether you work on a small team or you own a small company, you have a greater sense of pride and accountability when it comes to your job. If you screw up, you'll hear about it and take corrective action.

Greater consistency

Many large transcription services distribute tiny segments of audio to a large pool of transcribers, even for a single transcript. The advantage is faster turnaround, but the disadvantage is that consistency within the transcript takes a hit.

Within one transcript, you're much more likely to encounter different formatting, punctuation, and spelling because there's no coordination between different transcribers. This problem is likely to be even worse when you have a series of transcripts over longer periods of time.

Better transcribers

Unlike many large transcription services, we meticulously hire each transcriber for their abilities. Most importantly, we pay them fairly. Our transcribers make $1.20 per minute transcribed, which is about twice as much as large services and about 20% more than our closest competition. By paying our transcribers fairly, it means we can hire top talent who will go the extra mile on your transcript.

Expedited Transcripts Owner, Chris DeArmond