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Full Transcript: 3/30/17 SpaceX SES-10 Press Conference

Full Transcript, 3-30-2017 SpaceX SES-10 Press Conference

  Event: SpaceX SES-10 Press Conference (pdf) Participants: Elon Musk, CEO and lead designer of SpaceX; Martin Halliwell, chief technology officer of SES Date: 03-30-2017 Prepared for: We’ve also transcribed the Falcon Heavy news conference.   MODERATOR: Good evening, everyone. This is the post-launch news conference for the SpaceX SES-10 Mission. Here tonight to…

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Tutorial: Express Scribe Hot-Keys, Timestamps, & BITCs

Express Scribe Hot-Keys, Timestamps, and Burned-in Time Codes

Are you manually typing timestamps into your transcript? Stop the madness! It’s easy to automate much of the process, even for videos with burned-in time codes (BITCs). That’s why Expedited Transcripts provides them for free! To find your path to sanity, download Express Scribe. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to insert timestamps…

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